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Figee Crane Services is founded in 1836. The company has earned a worldwide reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of various types of harbour cranes and general hoisting systems. Figee started as a manufacturer of machinery and hoisting equipment and bridges. But during the years, Figee Crane Services has earned a good reputation as a high-minded and qualified supplier of cranes. And nowadays, Figee Crane Services is also specialized in refurbishment, modifications and lifetime extension programs.

Refurbishment, modifications and lifetime extensions
Figee Crane Services can provide various refurbishment programs. Each program will be specifically developed for every client, with regard to the type of crane, type of application, and circumstances. And above all, we have the capability to realize projects on a turn-key basis.

Service support
Figee Crane Services repairs and maintains besides their own cranes, also equipment build by other companies. An experienced multi-skilled maintenance and repair staff, supported by our headquarters, serves as a ‘flying squad’, ensuring prompt response on land and offshore. And furthermore, our spare parts department closely interacts with our experienced engineers and service coordinators.

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