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Infotech Logistics B.V.

Infotech Logistics B.V. is founded in 1998. We are an independent organization, which operates world-wide. We have specialized ourselves in software solutions for logistic operations. We employ a group of 10 software & sales engineers.

We’ve developed a series of products and solutions that are used in a number of logistic operations. Our main source of income is UniWin that we have developed and improved over the past 14 years. To-date (November 15, 2013) UniWin is installed at 2100 sites/plants in over 30 countries.

The general principle of our organization is to develop and support standard products, which are distributed by selected organizations. These organizations are very capable to Market, Engineer, Install and Support our products. This way the products are used world-wide. Local knowledge and specifics are implemented into the products by their engineers. The achieved Quantity of solutions makes it possible for constant evolution. This results in Quality products, which is to the benefit of all parties involved.

As the manufacturer/supplier/integrator of earlier mentioned systems, you deliver the complete project. Both your systems and the UniWin software. The UniWin configuration-toolbox offers you the possibility to develop the complete UniWin-application, within your own resources. As the name explains it is a configuration-toolbox, which means the development of UniWin applications does NOT demand highly-qualified software-engineers.

Your sales-force follows a training-course that enables them to demonstrate UniWin to your customers. Next to that they will learn to philosophy of UniWin and most important they way to document and hand-over new projects/sales to your engineers.

Your engineers will be trained in the configuration-toolbox. The result of this training will be that they are able to implement UniWin solutions (configuration, installation and commissioning). They will also be able to handle first-line support once the solution is in use.

In short your organization will have full control in integrating and supporting UniWin.

Infotech Logistics B.V.
Prof. Minckelersweg 4b
5144 NZ
+31 (0) 416 338285
+31 (0) 416 342913

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