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OMVE is a leading technology company specialised in high quality small-scale liquid process equipment for laboratory & pilot departments. The advanced processing equipment simulates (new) industrial processes at the highest level.

As real front-liners in the market, we are continuously pursuing new technologies and opportunities for our customers in the liquid food sector. Our customers are in the following industries: General Food, Flavors and Ingredients, Packaging, Universities and Research Institutes, Dairy, Beverages, Beer & Alcoholic, Confectionary, Savory, etc.

Our technologies are: Carbonation, Heat Treatment, Homogenisation, Deaeration, Evaporation, Hygienic Filling, Cold Plasma Sterilisation, Aeration, Aseptic Filling, Pulse Electric Field.

All our units are built in CIP (Cleaning in place ) and SIP (Sterilization in place).

For customer with specific projects our experience assures them to get a pilot plant or a proto system that can scale up according to the requirements.

At our facilities we offer the opportunity to test customer’s products on our demo-equipment to evaluate the quality and the reproducibility of the products comparing to an industrial process.

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