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Solinas Benelux BV

Non-contact measurement techniques are well represented Solinas Benelux BV with successful product lines as LAND Instruments and LASE laser industrielle technik. Because of our good technical knowledge you will be well advised.

For Filtration, Oil Cleanliness and Maintenance Solinas Benelux BV has already implemented a lot of quality improvements to its customers. Including through collaboration, experience of its technicians, service and specialist expertise delivers Solinas Benelux BV:

Best Products with Best Practice Services

Filter Manufacturers like Schroeder Industries Filtration , Kleenoil Filtration and Kleentek Filtration focus on the filtration and conditioning of different oils, lubricating oils, biofuels, according to the needs of our customers. Our expertise is in filtration technology. The Ruler of Fluitec measures the remaining life of oils, greases and lubricants. Together with a good oil sample report, you are guaranteed a good advice. Also for the ultrasonic lubrication Solinas Benelux BV provides solutions with Scan Grip Ultra Sonic and Ultrasonic UVLM.

With (different) maintenance, the life of both machine components as the oil extends many times. With (different) proactively maintenance the current company reliability increases. The proceeds of the machines also increase. That means more continuity of the production process. Significant cost savings will be realised with customized solutions. Solinas Benelux BV is happy to assist you in reducing maintenance costs by reducing oil consumption, the right oil and waterfiltration through the correct filter applications and to realize lower operational costs and lifetime costs. Solinas Benelux BV provides solutions with as many standard components and / or systems using our high-tech suppliers.

In addition to supplying high quality products at the right price Solinas Benelux BV carries a powerful set of DMSI maintelligence maintenance. Using our own Solinas Factory Watch software package the work of the Lubrication Engineers are planned and executed. Using the knowledge of our customers, the experience of our Solinas lubrication engineers and our high-tech manufacturers, the work is successfully and responsibly resolved.

Solinas Benelux BV
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