Flag of BelgiumVIGAN Engineering S.A.

Located at the heart of the European Union, VIGAN Engineering S.A. manufactures dry agribulk materials handling equipment:
• Portable pneumatic conveyors (or grain pumps)
• Pneumatic continuous barge and ship unloaders on gantry
• Mechanical continuous ship unloaders
• Mechanical loaders
VIGAN capabilities also include complete turnkey projects planning, development, manufacturing and management for port terminal including ship unloading & loading, storage facilities and bagging operations.
With more than 1,200 machines sold throughout more than 80 countries over 42 years, including 180 large size equipment of several hundred metric tons handling capacity, VIGAN is a most reliable and specialized company in its sector with a recognized international experience and know-how.

VIGAN Engineering S.A.
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