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Aerox B.V. is the world’s leading odour control specialist. With our Aerox-Injector we destroy the odours that are produced in industrial processes. We help factories to minimize their emissions in order to comply with legislation, but most important: To keep your neighbours happy.

We have successfully developed a unique injection technology based on Non-thermal Plasma (NTP). This enables us to treat airflows up to 90,000 m3/h with only one compact Aerox-Injector and achieving odour reductions above 90%. By using clean ambient air we assure that the unit stays clean and there is no possible contamination of the NTP modules.

Our technology is specifically designed with the environment in mind. It is the most environmental friendly technology available on the market. The Injector requires no water, chemicals or fuel to operate, therefore it produces no waste whatsoever.

The Aerox-Technology is considered as B.A.T. (Best Available Technique) by governments, authorities and companies alike. Therefore Aerox is an approved supplier at several world market leaders market leaders within our focus industries:

– animal feed
– aqua feed
– pet food
– oil seed processing
– tobacco industry
– food industry
– rubber tire production

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